The Board of Trustees Chairman, Peoples Democratic Party, Walid Jibrin, said the victory of Senator Ademola Adeleke at the just concluded Osun governorship election was a turning point for the party’s success in 2023 polls.

While congratulating the governor-elect, the PDP chieftain noted that, with the victory, Osun people had sent a clear message of the party’s (PDP) stand in the whole country, come 2023.

According to him,  Adeleke’s victory at the poll did not come to him as a surprise, adding that he was optimistic of the PDP victory.

Walid, a Second Republic Senator, said, “I was there at Osun during the last campaign and the number of people that turned out for the rally was unbelievable and I was so sure that the PDP will win Osun state.

“And this is just the beginning of victory. What has happened in Osun State now is an indication of the PDP’s stand in the whole country. We as a party have learned our lessons and the Yorubas are beginning to learn their lessons too, by coming out to elect Chief Adeleke. We are rest assured that other states in western Nigeria will be won by the PDP come 2023.

“By the grace of God, all other states in the country will vote for us. So the issue of the APC campaign for a Muslim-Muslim presidency will not work. You can bear me witness that it didn’t work in Osun Sate, so we should not support this kind of politics.

“Our concern should be based on who is the best candidate for us that can be in charge of the country.”

He also decried what he described as “politics of religion” being introduced by other parties ahead of the forthcoming polls, saying that such idea was capable of breeding confusion and war on a people that have been existing peacefully.

The PDP chieftain added, “When you look at the life of our prophet Muhammad, when they were killing Muslim in Mecca, he (Prophet Muhammad) asked them to come and he gave them a letter to give to one Christian king, and the Muslim who were being killed in Mecca went to that Christian king, the king received them, gave them land, he gave them everything, he lived with them. Is there any division there?

“And when Muhammad again was suffering attacks with his people in Mecca, he left for Medina, upon reaching there, he called all the Christians, the Jews and all other religions and they formed a government of unity and we have been following him. So, why are we coming out to say it must be Muslim-Muslim leadership in Nigeria.”

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