Want Better Lead Generation Content? Ditch the E-Book and Create a Course

Strategy Way back in 2011, some employees at HubSpot had an idea. They wanted to create an educational program on inbound marketing for HubSpot customers. So they wrote scripts for a few lessons, shot a few videos, and published them on a landing page. At the end of the course, they included an optional exam. If someone went through the […]

How to Grow Your Audience, Make the Case for Content, and Counter Your Story-Hating Boss

When I started Contently’s own content marketing program eight years ago, we had but a blog template and a dream. Within 18 months, we’d built a loyal audience of hundreds of thousands of marketers and an award-winning industry publication. Of course, things aren’t so easy nowadays—the competition is steeper. Audiences are splintered across more channels. And the demands put on […]

Targeted Advertising: Does it Actually Work?

Strategy While scrolling through Instagram, I recently stumbled on an advertisement for a hoodie. But it wasn’t just any old hoodie—this one was special. Emblazoned across its chest were the following words: “I’m Proud to be a University of Reading Grad in Berlin.” There is a slim chance of an apparel company catering solely to alumni of a regional British […]

Using SEO to Compete with Lead Generation Sites

Strategy When someone in San Francisco types “house extension cost” into Google, five out of the top ten results will be from lead generation sites. Lead generation companies exist to gather the contact details of consumers and company owners to sell on to related businesses, and their owners are, from my dealings with them, absolutely obsessed with SEO. They live, […]

Google’s Webmaster Tools (Search Console): The Best Parts

This isn’t a complete guide to Google Webmaster Tools (aka Search Console). It’s an overview sharing its best bits. Plus, how you can use it to improve website and marketing efforts. Submitting Your Site to Google for Faster Indexing Launched a site? Get it submitted to Google. Google will find your site as you’re building links. Or, sharing content and […]

SEO Toolbox: The Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is Back in Action

The Ahrefs SEO toolbar is available again after shuttering from a prior Google update. The toolbar provides competitive analysis and SEO metrics in Google SERPs and on-page. What is this thing and why should you care? Well… What is Ahrefs? Ahrefs is one of several industry-renowned SEO tools professionals include in their toolbox. The premium service provides detailed SEO and […]

Finále pohára EFL: Tipy na predikcie a stávky medzi Chelsea a Liverpoolom

LIVERPOOL proti Chelsea v nedeľňajšom finále EFL Cupu z Wembley. Matthew Kirby (@M_Kirby95) sa pozrie na najlepšie stávky v ponuke. Chelsea vs Liverpool | Sobota 27. februára 2022, 16:30 | Sky Sports Prvý kúsok striebra je na rade, keď sa víťazi svetových klubov Chelsea postavia proti Liverpoolu vo finále Ligového pohára vo Wembley. Bude to prvýkrát od triumfu Chelsea v […]

Tipy na predpovede a stávkovanie Everton vs Manchester City

EVERTON Manchester City v sobotu večer. Tom Winch (@WinchySFP) výbery z jeho obľúbenej fantázie. Everton vs Manchester City | Sobota 26. februára 2022, 17:30 | Sky Sports Sobotňajší večerný súboj je na modrej strane Merseyside a Manchestru s Evertonom Franka Lamparda, ktorý hostí Manchester City v Goodison Parku. Od Frankovho vymenovania Toffees prekonali Brentford v FA Cupe, ale nazbierali len […]

Tipy na predikcie a stávkovanie Leeds vs Tottenham

LEEDS proti Tottenhamu v sobotňajšom sťahovaní opony z Premier League. Sam Ingram (@SamIngram_) zdieľa svoje názory z Elland Road. Leeds vs Tottenham | Sobota 26. februára 2022, 12:30 | BT Sport Odkedy Marcelo Bielsa využil ohnivú stranu Leeds United a navigoval ich späť do zasľúbenej krajiny Premier League, nadchádzajúci zápas so sobotňajším výkopom na obed nezlyhal. Po troch stretnutiach, 10 […]

Predikcie a tipy na stávkovanie Arsenal vs Wolves

HODNOTA-HUNTER Daniel McCulloch (@DMcCulloch1984) zdieľa svoje najlepšie stávky zo štvrtkového zápasu Premier League na ihrisku The Emirates. Arsenal vs Wolves | štvrtok 24. februára 2022, 19:45 Dva týždne po tom, čo sa naposledy stretli vo štvrtok večer v Premier League, sa Arsenal a Wolves stretnú v niečom, čo skutočne vyzerá ako bitka medzi dvoma potenciálnymi štyrmi najlepšími tímami. Arsenal je […]