Grammarly: A Must-Have Tool for Blog Content Creators

This post includes affiliate links. There are two tools I use when creating blog content: Grammarly HemmingwayApp Grammarly fixes my writing mistakes. HemmingwayApp makes content easier-to-read. Use both and you’ve got all you need to create better blog content. Typos and grammar mistakes aren’t the end of the world, but they don’t look good when you’re attempting to appear professional. […]

Bluehost vs HostGator: I’ve Used Both, Here’s My Review

For the past few years, I’ve been using Bluehost for my online projects. I wanted to get a real feel for their services to provide you with a better comparison. Prior, HostGator was my preferred hosting service. I used both for niche affiliate sites to my personal portfolio and blog. There are hundreds of Bluehost vs HostGator reviews – they […]

Who Doesn’t Want to Get More Clicks? Here’s How.

You have all these tactics to improve your site traffic and reach. You can obsess about them trying to squeeze every bit of performance. Let’s bring this back to basics… Effective affiliate marketing is simply getting more people clicking your links. That’s it? The idea is letting the landing/sales page do its thing. A company will spend tons of money […]

How to Track Your Brand’s Mentions with Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a handy tool to watch your name online, so you don’t miss opportunities to build or manage your brand’s reputation. It’s also handy for spying on the competition. The tool provides mentions as they come through or a daily/weekly roundup. The use case we’re talking about is how you can set this keyword to your name, brand, […]