Breakfast That Boosts Natural Strength

Breakfast That Boosts Natural Strength

Do you know the breakfast that boosts natural strength? There is no Dairy. There are no onions. There are no tomatoes in what I have. I cooked with a pure fat oil which is coconut oil but that in my pan and then I added a huge amount of kale and spinach and sauteed all then as you all know, you can have like five cups of all those vegetables in it turns out to be.


Breakfast That Boosts Natural Strength


Breakfast That Boosts Natural Strength

A tiny handful probably should have put more in the right hand. But just so you know, I sauteed all that together till it was cooled down. If you want to if you have a meal that was off-plan, and then you want to have something to get rid of all that extra glucose that’s in you. This is great, you know, get all the yuck out that you just hate.


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Adding Sausage and Bacon

This is a great way to cleanse your body after a and Off-plan meal and if you want to add some sausage or bacon to it, you’ll still be keeping it as a deep house or you can add a third egg and leave it like this and don’t limit.

After just two as if you’re hungry, you think we need a third egg to have a third egg is fine or and like two slices of bacon or some sausage to it. And that would make it a great day to protest. It also does not take long to make up things. What I did I covered it and put the temperature down low and I steamed it to get it all looking like this.

That’s how I cook the top of the eggs. Of course, you know, I’m used to cooking Family Values. I’ll use red palm oil or this is a great example of a deep our breakfast, or you can have it for lunch or if you put weekend dinner the next meal I’m going to show you is a heavy s a heavy s is something that you have a lot of fat, you’re not eating your Dairy you are eating you know, your meats are cooked in coconut oil or olive oil.

The fat would be like, you know, when your bacon in your fatty foods, and it would be the oils that you would be where you get your facts from.


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Dairy Product

Now, this heavy ask that I have here is a salad. I am a whole bunch of romaine and kale underneath of this.  I have an onion which you cannot have on d-bus and then I have feta cheese, which is my fatty fat fat fat there. I have my chicken breast that I cooked in the instant pot shred it up.

So that was cooked this you could use as a fuel Pole or a knee but I’m adding for protein here and I have half of a breast because the breasts were pretty big so half of it here and on the side for my dressing has the Rhonda’s Ranch.


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I describe it out. I didn’t realize like there’s like none in they’re gonna have to make some more but this right here is all Dairy.

This is the Greek yogurt and mayonnaise mixed together with seasonings to make ranch dressing. This is what makes it all a heavy-ass has lots of fats now, it’s not you know, and plus if I cooked something in butter, like maybe I sauteed that chicken and butter or maybe I wanted to cook up my onions first or something.

That would be a healthier fat to use also olive oil. You could also put a dressing of olive oil and MCT oil and drizzled all over I’ve done that before and then I can add my bagel seasoning to it, which is really good.

If you use just oil on your salad, I might end up doing that because I don’t look as you can see there’s like no Ransom. So what I think I’m going to do now, I just changed my mind. I’m going to drizzle olive oil all over it.

But here’s my olive oil and then use the bagels. So this will be more fat than I’m adding to it and it’s going to be a heavy ass because I’m going to put oil fat and onions in it. So this is my heavy salad.

If you have any questions regarding heavy ask for something and perhaps that I did not cover go ahead and put it down in the comments. You can also add some of this shredded cheese.


Shredded Cheese

If you have any shredded cheese, you can always add that to it as well. That makes it have yes, could you use cheese and all that? So there you have it. All right inside here.

I have an S Shake. Yes, it’s green because I put a handful of kale it so that’s a little tip. I can give you beginners just throw a handful of kale or spinach-like about a cup or more into your smoothies. It will change the color to Green, but it will not change the flavor and they’re just as good and you’re getting the healthy vegetable in it.

I wanted to show you the shake to show you. What an S Shake as I showed you the other kind of meals but this is almond milk low-fat cottage cheese protein powder sweetener and what I’m using for peanut butter this defatted peanut flour, there’s about a tablespoon or so in it. I did add a little bit of cocoa to it. So it’s chocolate peanut butter and I use the pure sweetener that I get from Amazon, but you can find it at Walmart. This is what I use for a sweetener.

You can go check this out for yourself. This is whey protein isolates don’t buy concentrate. If you want to get isolate and concentrate is for bulking up. If you’re like a bodybuilder isolate is what you want to use for losing weight. But this is a whole Shaker see I have a really big container here and you can use this for breakfast or a lunch or a busy on-the-go dinner or a snack. It’s really great because there’s a whole protein that’s good for the protein powder to save all the protein you need.

Buster’s protein from the cottage cheese and also has some natural peanut butter in it. So the natural peanut butter is the ones that have like the oil that’s all separate in it. You know, it’s just penis in salt. So that’s what you’re going to want to buy and trim Healthy Mama. Don’t buy the peanut flowers that have added sugar. What does it pro something? I can’t remember what that one is called PB fit I think is what it’s called a nice sugar in it. They actually put sugar in it. So you don’t want to buy that one.


Peanut Butter

This is the trim Healthy Mama peanut flour or you can buy There’s a Protein Plus or pure protein Plus or something like that that I buy off of Amazon once in a while. Just putting those ingredients together in a shake you’re going to have an S shape because you’re going to get fat in the peanut and fat from the there’s a little tiny bit of fat peanut butter, but there’s also fat in the peanut butter that you’re putting in this. So what’s the lighter side of an S shape? So if you’re looking for something that you want s you want some fat you want some peanut butter. This is a perfect way to get it and it won’t be green. So I wanted to have some veggies. So there you have it. Listen to the music.

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