Should I Hire This Writer?

Content Marketing Building a successful content marketing program often requires hiring communicative, efficient freelance writers. But it can be tough to find dedicated freelancers who produce high-quality work and want to spend time investing in your brand. So how can you tell up-front if someone is a good fit? What information is required to ensure you don’t dump time into […]

How to Make Your First Foray into Metaverse Marketing

Content Marketing The metaverse means different things to different people. For many digital immigrants, it’s the logical end state of Mark Zuckerberg’s evil plot to take over the world. But for marketers, it’s a new frontier that’s already paying dividends for smart brands. When Facebook announced its name change to Meta in November, it grabbed headlines and attention. But the […]

5 Steps to Take Your Editorial Calendar to the Next Level

Content Marketing Many marketers use editorial calendars to plan their marketing campaigns and support their overall marketing strategy. They tend to think of their calendar as a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing. But your editorial calendar could and should change even if your overall strategy does not change much over time. For example, that new product feature you’re releasing next month […]

10 Free Content Marketing Resources You Need to Bookmark

Strategy The good news: There are a lot of content marketing resources out there. The bad news: There are a lot of content marketing resources out there. Heading into 2022, everyone wants to up their content game. But sometimes, sifting through a sea of content about marketing can be overwhelming. Which resources can you really trust? To help you maximize […]

The Most Underrated Skill in Content Marketing? Fact-Checking

Strategy This piece originally appeared on Contently’s The Freelance Creative In traditional journalism, diligent fact-checking is a given. In a recent piece I wrote on abortion, the editor required that I verify every statistic, claim, or data point with a news source or expert. When it comes to freelance content marketing, however, the parameters are often less clear. This type […]

Content Marketing Showdown: Google vs. Facebook

Content Marketing Have any companies shaped the digital era more than Google and Facebook? For better or worse, it’s unlikely you’re reading this article without interacting with their products. Since its foundation in 1998, Menlo Park-headquartered Google has won the search engine war so consummately that it’s now a verb. Today it has so many wings that when this writer […]

6 Helpful Rules for Marketers Who Work with Freelancers

Content Marketing In 2020, there were 59 million freelancers working in the United States alone, and that number is likely to grow with the onset of the Great Resignation. Here’s the good news: freelancers can help supercharge your content operations by offering an opportunity to create content at scale while minimizing the expense of hiring a full-time worker. A good […]

The Problems With Fintech Case Studies [And How to Fix Them in 2022]

Content Marketing Fintech is buzzing. There is a glut of VC funding flowing through the industry. A new contender arrives every day to promise heaven and earth (or cryptocurrency). But as buzzwords and jargon fly around the sector, content marketing leaders may be underusing one of the most critical marketing kit tools—the case study. The case for fintech case studies […]