State of B2B Tech Content Marketing: 5 Trends That’ll Get You Promoted

ROI B2B companies always have to think a step ahead. They’re looking for something that’ll give their products and services an extra edge. Something that’ll convince potential customers to learn more. Great content marketing has the power to do that. Today’s audiences come across so much mediocre content that looks and sounds the same. Lately, innovative marketing teams have been […]

How Marketers Are Handling the Rising Demand for Content Marketing, in 5 Charts

Trending The global pandemic changed our behavior dramatically—for marketers, one notable shift was that digital content consumption increased drastically. Recently, Lucidpress took an in-depth look at those shifts in its 2021 Content Effectiveness Report, which surveyed 452 professionals from leading industries to gauge the state of current content. They found that most effective content is personalized, relevant, timely, and informative, […]