Is ‘Pluralistic Ignorance’ Ruining Your Marketing and Comms?

Strategy A decade ago, Dan Ariely stood in front of the brightest minds in the country at Duke University. They were there to learn about behavioral economics from the renowned psychology professor. Ariely’s lecture started with a basic question: What is behavioral economics? For the next two minutes, he launched into an absurdly dense definition as the packed lecture hall […]

How to Grow Your Audience, Make the Case for Content, and Counter Your Story-Hating Boss

When I started Contently’s own content marketing program eight years ago, we had but a blog template and a dream. Within 18 months, we’d built a loyal audience of hundreds of thousands of marketers and an award-winning industry publication. Of course, things aren’t so easy nowadays—the competition is steeper. Audiences are splintered across more channels. And the demands put on […]

4 Reasons Why Customers Should Be Your Brand Storyteller, Not You

Storytelling Let’s play a game. I tell you a fact, and you act surprised. Ready? Fact: Consumers don’t fully trust corporations. I know, I know. Shocking. But somehow brands still create elaborate marketing campaigns that don’t involve customers at all. I imagine {INSERT WELL KNOWN COMPANY NAME HERE} a marketing team meeting where everyone is coming up with their best […]