5 Steps to Take Your Editorial Calendar to the Next Level

Content Marketing Many marketers use editorial calendars to plan their marketing campaigns and support their overall marketing strategy. They tend to think of their calendar as a set-it-and-forget-it kind of thing. But your editorial calendar could and should change even if your overall strategy does not change much over time. For example, that new product feature you’re releasing next month […]

10 Free Content Marketing Resources You Need to Bookmark

Strategy The good news: There are a lot of content marketing resources out there. The bad news: There are a lot of content marketing resources out there. Heading into 2022, everyone wants to up their content game. But sometimes, sifting through a sea of content about marketing can be overwhelming. Which resources can you really trust? To help you maximize […]

Is ‘Pluralistic Ignorance’ Ruining Your Marketing and Comms?

Strategy A decade ago, Dan Ariely stood in front of the brightest minds in the country at Duke University. They were there to learn about behavioral economics from the renowned psychology professor. Ariely’s lecture started with a basic question: What is behavioral economics? For the next two minutes, he launched into an absurdly dense definition as the packed lecture hall […]

State of B2B Tech Content Marketing: 5 Trends That’ll Get You Promoted

ROI B2B companies always have to think a step ahead. They’re looking for something that’ll give their products and services an extra edge. Something that’ll convince potential customers to learn more. Great content marketing has the power to do that. Today’s audiences come across so much mediocre content that looks and sounds the same. Lately, innovative marketing teams have been […]

Want Better Lead Generation Content? Ditch the E-Book and Create a Course

Strategy Way back in 2011, some employees at HubSpot had an idea. They wanted to create an educational program on inbound marketing for HubSpot customers. So they wrote scripts for a few lessons, shot a few videos, and published them on a landing page. At the end of the course, they included an optional exam. If someone went through the […]

How to Grow Your Audience, Make the Case for Content, and Counter Your Story-Hating Boss

When I started Contently’s own content marketing program eight years ago, we had but a blog template and a dream. Within 18 months, we’d built a loyal audience of hundreds of thousands of marketers and an award-winning industry publication. Of course, things aren’t so easy nowadays—the competition is steeper. Audiences are splintered across more channels. And the demands put on […]

Want to Double Your Views? Repost Content in Full on These 4 Channels

Strategy To repost or not to repost? That’s no longer the question. Why? Because the answer is obvious: Repost. Always. Or almost always, at least. Today, we’re talking about the advantages of reposting an article that runs on your blog or digital publication in its entirety on another platform—like Medium, LinkedIn, or even email. If your goal is to get […]

Your 3 Biggest Content Strategy Questions, Answered

Strategy Steve Jobs once said: “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Was Jobs talking about the iPod? Or was he talking about a content strategy advice show tailor-made for modern marketers? Or was he talking about both? It’s time to find out. Today, we’re excited to launch Ask a Content Strategist, a new content strategy […]

The Most Underrated Skill in Content Marketing? Fact-Checking

Strategy This piece originally appeared on Contently’s The Freelance Creative In traditional journalism, diligent fact-checking is a given. In a recent piece I wrote on abortion, the editor required that I verify every statistic, claim, or data point with a news source or expert. When it comes to freelance content marketing, however, the parameters are often less clear. This type […]

The 10-Step Checklist to Repurpose Content into Powerful Sales Battlecards

Strategy Sales teams face intense pressure to appeal to today’s info-hungry buyers. Over 60 percent of all buyers have already done their own research on your company, your products, and your competitors before they even speak to you. Therefore, sales teams need to have the right knowledge and information at their fingertips when speaking to prospective customers. Sales battlecards provide […]