Ingredients for Nigerian Made Meat Pie

Ingredients for Nigerian Made Meat Pie

Today I’m demonstrating how to make a Nigerian made meat pie formula. Quite possibly the most mainstream snacks delighted in this piece of the world. I will provide you some insight into how it is finished. Meatpie’s taste is so incredible and heavenly. peruse on to know how you can make your meat pie even at home and appreciate it.


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Ingredients for Nigerian Made Meat Pie Recipe

For the batter

  • flour
  • simas
  • eggs
  • preparing powder
  • salt
  • water

Ingredients for Nigerian Made Meat Pie


For the meat pie filling

  • minced meat
  • onions
  • squeeze salt
  • flavors
  • preparing
  • pepper
  • Irish potato
  • carrot
  • 1 medium egg for meat pie wash


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The most effective method to Make Nigerian Made Meat Pie

We should get cooking. You need to start by adding some salt, some sugar, and heating powder to a blending bowl, and all you have some generally useful flour in it’s anything but, an awesome blend to join next transport the cool margarine into the flour combination.

Presently you need to cut up your margarine in pieces to empower you to disintegrate it quicker into the flour.

You can put on your gloves while stirring up this. You need to envision keeping a center temperature all through the choice cycle. This is vital, combine the flour and margarine as one like surface is formed.

Then, air out one egg and blend into the flour combination. As of now, the blend should begin to meet up to form a tight spot. Add cold water a tad into the blend until it’s anything but a strong surface. That is otherwise called you do. I find that there is no accurate amount of water added this time. You simply need to allow yourself some to burn inside the aide.

When you feel and see the mixture meets up without self-destructing then don’t add any more water, for this specific one I added not exactly a fourth of some water. You need to utilize freezing water.

Next is to move the batter to the level surface. And afterward, begin to blend it well for around 1 moment. You would prefer not to exhaust the batter now so you don’t wind up with high meat pies.

After, cut out cling wrap and cover the batter and afterward place in the fridge and permit to rest for somewhere around 30 to 40 minutes. Your mixture can really remain new in the fridge for up to multi-week or much more.

As it is resting, We start with the inclination, add some vegetable oil in a dish and permitted it to warm up then add the hacked onions and saute for few moments. And afterward add your minced, garlic, and Scotch, hood peppers, pop a couple of moments, and afterward make a space in the focal point of the skillet. And afterward, add the minced meat, start disintegrating promptly and keep on blending fry onto minced meat until it has lost its pinkness.

Then, add some water curry powder-fine, sizzling solid shapes, ground pepper, and salt, mix to join, cover the pot and permit to stew delicately for five minutes subsequently, you add your diced carrots and Irish potatoes mix once more.

Presently, you need to prepare with more salt, in the event that more is required and, thereafter, you add some more water to assist with cooking the carrots and potatoes through the entirety of the parts and cook for five minutes to thicken.

To make a Very sodden inclination for the pie. Adam cornstarch, a slurry is basically the combination of cornstarch and water to form the semi-fluid consistency gaze again and permit to cook for an additional 2 minutes.

Then, at that point remove the warmth quickly and permitted it to chill off totally while it is cooling, set up your preparing container culture dish with cooking splash or oil and fixed with material paper. Presently, setting the pie straightforwardly on the old skillet. Is fine. Yet, material paper is utilized for additional insurance, break one egg and put away this will go about as paste to keep the pie fixed and will likewise go about as the ideal spot to help our pies shine when the mixture is prepared.

At the point when the inclination is cool down totally, partition the mixture into the occasions you might want to make to try not to exhaust it. I isolated mine into 8 equivalent parts and I’ll in all probability get around 12 packs.

It’s from these next take out one of the parts and put the rest away, shower floor on a level surface, tenderly for few moments and make into a round shape. Straighten it out with the palm of your hands and carry it’s anything but a moving pin. I track down that a container does some incredible things too. You need to carry it out to about a fourth of an inch thick. Barely to shape it effectively without self-destructing.

Then, take the front of round plates. Presently, the size will be reliant upon how large or little you need your pie to be, press immovably to make a space, then, at that point run a blade around the sides. Look at the cover and delicately eliminate the overabundance by the sides.

And afterward, put that away, take around 1/2 tbsp of the filling, and laid near the focal point of the level batter. Then, at that point close the edges with the egg wash. Check and lift up one side with your finger, to cover the filling.

Then, utilize a fork and silk and taste of the mixture and showing them a seat and base Parts cover one another, lift it up and move to a preparing skillet and proceed with the rest.

At the point when you are finished with every last bit of it, moved, the pie to 180 degrees Centigrade warmed over, and permit them for Five minutes. You need to have a gleaming outside one that is not difficult to open, exceptionally wet inside. You can put your ex-filling in a compartment and store it in the cooler for as long as multi-month. You guide this pie. I’ve given me such a lot of life. Our pie is simply so wonderful to the surface, awesome. The inclination extremely great and exceptionally sodden, that is by and large how you like it.

It’s an ideal opportunity to give this a taste, I like to call it a full inside. I like the way that it’s actually soggy. You unquestionably need to guarantee that you’re feeling is damp that way you get the best from your meat pie. You don’t need a dry meat pie no. It must be sweet and delicate and expected to get effectively with no pressure or with no disintegrate and give us at it. I definitely realize what will have an aftertaste.


Final Thought

Meat pie is a well-known nibble in Nigeria, It tastes so tasty. On the off chance that you haven’t made a meat pie before with this formula, it is very straightforward and I realize you can make a scrumptious meat pie by following this formula which is streamlined for you.

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