5 Ways to Grow an Audience for Your Podcast

Trending Mat Zucker is co-lead of the global marketing practice at Prophet, and has helped brands including Johnson & Johnson and CIT Group launch their first podcasts. He also produces two award-winning shows: Cidiot, about moving from the city to the country; and Rising, conversations with marketing leaders on the way up, with Direct Agents. Two million podcasts. 48 million […]

Want to Double Your Views? Repost Content in Full on These 4 Channels

Strategy To repost or not to repost? That’s no longer the question. Why? Because the answer is obvious: Repost. Always. Or almost always, at least. Today, we’re talking about the advantages of reposting an article that runs on your blog or digital publication in its entirety on another platform—like Medium, LinkedIn, or even email. If your goal is to get […]

4 Reasons Why Customers Should Be Your Brand Storyteller, Not You

Storytelling Let’s play a game. I tell you a fact, and you act surprised. Ready? Fact: Consumers don’t fully trust corporations. I know, I know. Shocking. But somehow brands still create elaborate marketing campaigns that don’t involve customers at all. I imagine {INSERT WELL KNOWN COMPANY NAME HERE} a marketing team meeting where everyone is coming up with their best […]