5 Ways to Grow an Audience for Your Podcast

Trending Mat Zucker is co-lead of the global marketing practice at Prophet, and has helped brands including Johnson & Johnson and CIT Group launch their first podcasts. He also produces two award-winning shows: Cidiot, about moving from the city to the country; and Rising, conversations with marketing leaders on the way up, with Direct Agents. Two million podcasts. 48 million […]

We Analyzed 2,848 Pieces of Finance Content and Found 3 Key Opportunities for You

Trending I didn’t start my career at an ad agency or a literary magazine. My first internship was actually on the structured products team at an asset management firm. After two weeks, I knew I didn’t want to work for an investment bank. But it only took two days for me to realize just how convoluted the material was—by design. […]

How to Learn Social Media Without Getting Scammed

Trending It seemed like a great deal—at least, he did his best to make it look like one. This February Austin McBroom, former college basketball star and patriarch of YouTube‘s ACE Family, launched an online social media course. “How I Became a Millionaire”—or HIBM—promised to reveal the tips and tricks that had earned McBroom—as well as his wife Catherine Paiz […]

4 Key Takeaways From CMI’s 2022 B2B Content Marketing Research

Trending The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t just alter the way we work; it also changed how we connect with one another. With few in-person events or meetings and most people working from home, everyone had to rethink how they communicated with their audience. Very quickly, high-quality, engaging content became an absolute necessity for most businesses. This awoke a sleeping giant: content […]

These Are the Brands People Love the Most, According to a New Brand Intimacy Report

Trending “Love” is a strong word. Deciding when—or if—to profess it can feel like playing a game of emotional Russian roulette. It’s a word with high stakes, and it signals a strong emotional response. Even when we use it somewhat flippantly (I love that movie … I love the way my butt looks in those jeans … I love this […]

How Marketers Are Handling the Rising Demand for Content Marketing, in 5 Charts

Trending The global pandemic changed our behavior dramatically—for marketers, one notable shift was that digital content consumption increased drastically. Recently, Lucidpress took an in-depth look at those shifts in its 2021 Content Effectiveness Report, which surveyed 452 professionals from leading industries to gauge the state of current content. They found that most effective content is personalized, relevant, timely, and informative, […]