The Muslim Ummah, loss of life of Queen Elizabeth II and the appreciation of Islam by King Charles III (I)

Within the title of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy

All reward is for Allah, we reward Him, we search His assist, we ask for His forgiveness, and we search refuge with Allah from the evils of our personal souls and the wickedness of our actions, whoever Allah guides, there may be none that may lead him astray, and whoever Allah permits to go astray, there may be none that may lead him to the suitable path.

I testify and naked witness that there is no such thing as a deity worthy of worship in fact however Allah, alone, with none companions. And I testify and naked witness that Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is His Servant and Messenger. As for what’s after:

My expensive brothers and sisters! On Thursday eighth September, 2022 Queen Elizabeth II handed away. As you all know, she was the longest reigning monarch within the historical past of the UK, having celebrated her platinum jubilee earlier this summer season, finishing 70 years on the throne. In her wake she leaves behind 4 kids, eight grandchildren and twelve nice grandchildren. Her eldest son now accedes to the throne as King Charles III, the brand new head of the British monarchy and the Commonwealth.

Throughout her reign she witnessed 15 Prime Ministers, starting with Winston Churchill and ending with Liz Truss. Her reign noticed the sluggish degradation of British energy from the twilight of colonial period to new post-colonial Britain. Throughout her lengthy life she lived by instances of prosperity and safety for a lot of in the UK in addition to instances of struggle, disaster, and recessions.

Nevertheless, her legacy will not be with out controversy. Whereas Prime Minister Liz Truss credited “her devotion to responsibility” as “an instance to us all”, as reported by Scottish Every day Categorical, others have seen her loss of life as a second to remind us of the position the British monarchy has performed in colonialism.

For instance, Uju Anya, an affiliate Professor of Second Language Acquisition at Carnegie College, tweeted on Thursday afternoon that:

“If anybody expects me to precise something however disdain for the monarch who supervised a authorities that sponsored the genocide that massacred and displaced half my household and the implications of which these alive right now are nonetheless attempting to beat, you’ll be able to hold wishing upon a star.”

Additionally Julius Malema, a politician, youth chief and activist from South Africa has this to say on the loss of life of Queen Elizabeth II, as reported by Pan African Every day TV:

“We don’t mourn the loss of life of Elizabeth, as a result of to us her loss of life is a reminder of a really tragic interval on this nation and Africa’s historical past…. If there may be actually life and justice after loss of life, might Elizabeth and her ancestors get what they deserve.”

Queen Elizabeth was on the throne when UK colonial administration dedicated one of many many heinous crimes of British colonialism in East Africa throughout the Mau Mau rise up, killing tens of 1000’s to perpetuate British occupation all within the title of the Crown. Regardless of quite a few alternatives to supply an official apology the Queen was not forthcoming.

While it may be simple to get swept up in these discussions, I’ll remind us of the essential classes that we as Muslims ought to take from her passing. How ought to Muslims react on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II?

There are three classes that I want to draw to the eye of my Muslim brothers and sisters, from the loss of life of anybody, not simply the Queen:

Firstly, we should always recollect that we’re all going to die; that Allah created loss of life so that we mirror upon the fact of this life, that we pause and ponder over what we’ve got ready for the actual life that comes after loss of life. Demise is the largest problem introduced to humanity by Allah Almighty. It’s the finish of this life; each particular person will begin one other life following it. A smart individual would take the chance to mirror on how s/he has spent this transient life in preparation for the eternal life to observe. That’s why the Prophet (Peace be upon him) stated: “Keep in mind loss of life steadily.”

The explanation for that is given in one other narration of the Prophet (Peace be upon him). We’re knowledgeable that loss of life strikes a steadiness, if you’re in a troublesome scenario, remembering loss of life will take away that feeling of issue from you. And but in case you have a carefree life, then remembering loss of life will remind you of the fact of this fleeting life. Allah Almighty says within the Noble Qur’an: “Each soul will style loss of life.”

Allah additionally stated in reference to the Prophet (Peace be upon him):

“You will die and all of them are going to die.”

So that is the primary level of reflection. Don’t lose sight of the truth that no matter ups and downs, no matter joys and sorrows, no matter disputes and disagreements all of which you’ll neglect, don’t forget that you will die and the loss of life of the Queen—or of anybody else—ought to remind us of the fact of this life.

The second lesson is, that Allah almighty decreed that the Queen died at 96 years of age and her husband died when he was virtually 100. That is Allah’s decree. He chooses whether or not you might have an extended life or a brief one however no matter your scenario you’ll absolutely die ultimately. Even in case you reside for 100 years you’ll die, even if you’re a king, a queen, a governor, a president, a minister, a senator, an area authorities chairman or essentially the most rich individual, you aren’t going to reside eternally, that is one other essential lesson we should always take from the passing of the Queen or every other seemingly highly effective individual. After we take a look at these individuals we ask, the place is their wealth, the place is their energy, the place are their supporters? Have any of this stuff protected them in opposition to loss of life and can they assist them while they’re within the grave? The reply is NO!

The ultimate thought is that individuals really feel unhappy upon the passing of those that are near them. Generally we additionally really feel a disappointment for many who should not so near us however have some connection to our lives. This isn’t reprehensible in of itself. It will depend on the way you react.

For instance, individuals might repeat the normal Islamic invocation uttered on information of individual’s loss of life:

“Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raaji’uun (which means: really we belong to Allah and to Him we will absolutely return).”

Can this be stated almost about the loss of life of a non-Muslim such because the Queen?

Revered servants of Allah! I don’t assume there is a matter right here. It’s merely uttering a fact that applies to mankind, wealthy and poor, believer and non-believer, that each human belongs to Allah and each single one will return to Him to be judged. There isn’t a direct supplication on this assertion.

It could change into a problem if there may be an implicit supplication made for the salvation of a deceased non-Muslim.

On this regard, what about praying for his or her salvation? When it comes to praying for Allah’s mercy for a deceased unbeliever, from an Islamic perspective, saying ‘Oh Allah have mercy on this one who died as a non-Muslim’, this isn’t permitted. That is by the consensus (Ijma’) of all Muslim students. This isn’t contradicted by saying Allah is essentially the most merciful as a result of the understanding of Allah’s mercy have to be understood in mild of the remainder of the Islamic scriptures. Allah Almighty says within the Noble Qur’an: “It’s not befitting for the Prophet and the believers to hunt forgiveness for the polytheists…”

Right here ‘polytheists’ refers to all those that died as non-Muslims. Allah additional says within the Qur’an that anybody who dies as a non-Muslim, he’s both a polytheist or an unbeliever. Due to this fact we aren’t allowed to supplicate for many who have died as non-Muslims. We all know that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) had his uncle who was essentially the most beloved individual to him, when he died the Prophet (Peace be upon him) didn’t pray for him in anyway.

Moreover it’s not ample that the deceased are those that imagine in Allah Almighty and are monotheist like Unitarians. Allah despatched Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as a Messenger to all mankind. Those that don’t imagine in him and observe his message stay unbelievers even when they’re Unitarians. They aren’t thought of Muslims which is why the Prophet (Peace be upon him) stated: “Nobody hears about me, whether or not he’s a Jew or Christian, and he doesn’t imagine in me and in my message, besides he’ll enter the hearth of hell, he isn’t Muslim.”

Might Allah give us the knowledge to know our faith and apply it in numerous contexts, ameen.

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